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Sunday, 30 April 2006
MySpace Killer: Mp3 Sharing
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Topic: Web 2.0
I've been on a small MySpace bent the last couple of days after finally getting to this design tutorial from Mike Davidson on making well-designed MySpace pages. I've hated their crude layout and design tools so I was relieved (and impressed with Mike's clean design) that someone had found a way to realyl get under the design hood of MySpace.

But getting back onto the site kept reminding how popular the MySpace platform has become on the internet. It's traffic is approaching Google's page views per day and they've gotten so much press coverage these days that everyone seems to know about MySpace. Of course, that means that everyone is talking about the ultimate MySpace killer, whether is be Facebook or some other social networking site.

Remember, it's the type of users and now the network size that has made MySpace so popular and the site started originally as a way to share music. With that in mind and padding this article on downloading the streamed version of any posted mp3, there's the seed of a real MySpace killer.

No, it's not another social networking site but it's a way that brings down MySpace under it's own popularity and based on it's original music roots. Can we create a porgram that automates the XML trick described in the article? A small, simple yet elegant app that could take a MySpace address where streaming mps are located and automatically list the mp3s and download the files as well. This isn't revolutionary, but think about what it would do to MySpace, an app that would spread like wildfire around the community and really leverage the network for music sharing.

Granted, there are lots of issues around this, not least among them that MySpace could change the way it loads the streaming mp3s so that the XML trick wouldn't work anymore, but an app like this would make huge ripples. Someone out there, can we do this?

Posted by cph19 at 10:50 PM EDT
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